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10 Bizarre Treatments Women Will Spend Money On For the Sake of Beauty

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Women today are embracing unconventional beauty treatments that combine science, luxury, and personal expression. From micro-needling with platelet-rich plasma to fish pedicures and vampire facials, these 21st-century procedures offer unique experiences aimed at enhancing well-being and rejuvenating the body and mind.

Vampire Facial


This skin rejuvenation treatment involves the combination of micro-needling and the application of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from your own blood. Vampire facials are shown to enhance skin texture and tone while reducing scars (including acne scars), correcting hyperpigmentation, loose skin, fine lines, and large pores resulting in an overall improvement in skin appearance.

Fish Pedicure


Often done as part of a mani-pedi, a fish pedicure involves placing your feet into a tank of tiny Garra rufa fish, also known as doctor fish. These fish have a unique feeding habit where they nibble away at the dead skin cells, resulting in smoother, callus-free skin and improved appearance of the cuticles

Crystal Healing


Some women believe in the power of crystals to balance their energy and promote their well-being. In addition to purchasing crystals to use in their daily lives, many women feel the power of a crystal healing session with a professional. These sessions include Chakra Cleansing and Balancing with Crystal gemstones.

Vaginal Steaming


During vaginal steaming sessions, practitioners often use a combination of herbs such as bail, mugwort, rosemary, and wormwood. They believe these herbs can deeply penetrate vaginal tissues and potentially provide a range of benefits to women, including improved menstrual health, promoted healing after childbirth, and increased libido.

Bee Venom Therapy


Live bees are used in controlled environments as a treatment where they sting a person in specific areas of the body. It is claimed to have anti-inflammatory effects and may be used to treat certain conditions like arthritis.

Snail Facial


After cleansing and toning your skin with aloe vera, snails are placed on your face and left to slither around, leaving behind a trail of mucus. The mucus is believed to have hydrating and anti-aging properties. And the best part? You can have a snail facial right in your garden, free of charge!



Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period. In these sessions, brace yourself for temperatures that can go as low as -100 to -300 degrees Fahrenheit (-73 to -150 degrees Celsius). This treatment is believed to have various health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improving skin tone, and boosting metabolism.

Cupping Therapy


Women are drawn to cupping therapy, an ancient practice that has today become an alternative therapy. It includes placing heated cups on the skin, creating a suction to stimulate blood flow, reduce pain, and promote relaxation. The cups are made of a variety of materials, such as glass, bamboo, earthenware, and silicone.

Gold Facial


After cleansing your face and applying toner, the next step of a gold facial treatment involves delicately applying a thin layer of a gold-infused mask or serum. It is claimed to have anti-aging properties and can give the skin a radiant glow. For a gold facial, you can look at investing anywhere between $100 – $300 per treatment.

Sound Bath Therapy


After completing their yoga or meditation session, individuals move into a reclining position to begin the sound bath therapy. A trained provider uses various instruments to produce soothing vibrations, aiming to deepen relaxation and enhance the meditative state. This treatment can enhance sleep, balance energy, and promote emotional healing. Most people who practice sound bath therapy find it promotes relaxation and mental well-being.

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