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10 Brilliant Responses to Rude People

by Roberto
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We’ve all encountered a rude person at some point in our lives. Sometimes their comments shock us, and we don’t have an appropriate reply ready. Other times we wanna punch them in the throat. Don’t do that. Next time you are verbally attacked by a rude person, try using any one of these brilliant responses.

At the very least, it may just shut them up.

1 Looks Like You’re Having a Bad Day


Tell them you’re sorry they’re having a bad day and that you hope things get better for them soon. It may calm them down, or it may make them angrier—only one way to find out. It’ll definitely give them food for thought.

2 Did Someone Pee in Your Cornflakes This Morning


While this may not calm them down, it certainly might make them giggle a bit and realize they were, in fact, being rude. If you’re lucky, they may even apologize!

3 Sorry Do I Know You


This response obviously works best on strangers, but it will surprise them because it’s not the reaction they are expecting. Generally, they’re looking for a fight. Not a new friend. 

4 Come Back When You’re Nicer


Let them know that you will not continue the conversation if they’re mean or rude to you, and they can come back and talk when they’re in a better mood. This oughta shut them up. 

5 Awe That Wasn’t Very Nice


You can follow that up with, “Why would you talk to me like that? Have I done something to hurt you or make you angry? Let’s try this again.” It’s a softer approach that will show empathy on your part and may calm them down.

6 I Can Give You the Number of a Great Therapist


Find out if they were bullied as a child, which is why they are being a bully and a jerk now. Maybe they need therapy or some inner child healing exercises. They may not like this response but it will definitely make them think twice about being rude to you again. 

7 Today is Not the Day And I’m Not the One


Shut ’em down before they even begin. You gotta stop this bully in their tracks before they even think of spewing. It’s also called a boundary. Show them you won’t put up with their crap. Period. Ever. 

8 Sorry I’m Too Happy Today to Listen to You

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This response will most likely make them laugh, but if it doesn’t, and you just walk away, it will definitely leave them with a stunned look on their face like, “What the heck just happened”? Priceless, I say. 

9 I Don’t Think You Know Who You’re Talking To


Straight up, ask them if they have any idea who they’re talking to. Make it sound like you’re a big deal. Well, because you are. We all are, and no one deserves to be spoken to rudely, ever. This will surely shut them up.

10 I Hope You Have the Day You Deserve

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My favourite response in the whole wide world. This will flat-out shut them up. Make sure you say it with a huge smile on your face and wave goodbye as you walk away. 

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