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10 Hottest Men on the Planet

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one person sees as gorgeous, another person may view as mediocre. Some people prefer clean-shaven men, while others drool over the ‘scruffier the better.’ Regardless of perspective, you can’t deny that these 10 men are absolutely beautiful and hot in their own special ways.

This list includes actors, singers, comedians, and former models. Which hot guy is on your list? Do you agree that these 10 are the hottest right now?

Jason Momoa


Whether you adored him in Game of Thrones or drooled over him in Aquaman, you simply can’t deny that Jason belongs on the top of this list. Not only is he hot, but he’s funny, kind, and overall a great guy. They should clone him.

Matt Rife


Sometimes it’s really hard to find decent pics on the internet. While these pics don’t do justice, Matt Rife is beautiful beyond belief. He is a comedian from Ohio who is not only hilarious, but his rise to fame is happening faster than even he imagined. Go check him out on YouTube, and you’ll see just how beautiful this young man really is.

Travis Fimmel


Oh, those eyes. If scruffy, tough, and rugged make your heart beat faster, Travis does this and more in his role in Vikings. With his quirky side glances and his sexy strut, this Viking had women drooling for years.

Boris Kodjoe


Bet you never even heard of him before. Boris Kodjoe is a German actor and former model best known for his roles as Kelby in the 2002 film Brown Sugar. He’s happily married, has 3 children and is not available. Sorry,girls. But those smokey eyes. Ooph!

Brad Pitt


Love him or hate him, this man is gorgeous and gets better looking ever year. We want to know what his age-defying beauty secrets are.

Dwayne Johnson


Another beautiful human who defies age. From a wrestling ring to the screen, Dwayne seems to get more handsome every year. And let’s not forget his great personality and sense of humor that make him even more attractive.

Blake Shelton


It could be his eyes or his smile. Or maybe his singing voice or sense of humor on The Voice. Some think it’s because he’s tall and sexy. Whatever it is, the guy is handsome beyond words.

Johnny Depp


Though age, smoking, drinking, and stress may have aged Johnny a little bit, you can’t deny that this man is still hot and sexy. His acting skills and the unique roles he’s played throughout the years also add that allure to him as well as those cheekbones. Oy!

Rob Lowe


Another ageless beauty, Rob Lowe just gets better looking every year. At 59 years old, he started acting at the age of 12 and never slowed down. He will always be remembered as a member of the 80’s group of young brash actors, The Brat Pack.

 Will Smith


Another case of love him or hate him (you know, that whole Chris Rock thing), Will Smith belongs on this list regardless of how we feel about him. His acting talent, sense of humor, and killer smile/laugh make this man one of the hottest on the planet.

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