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10 Interesting Facts about JFK Airport That Not Many People Know

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JFK Airport, located in New York City, serves as a bustling hub connecting millions of travelers worldwide. From its iconic terminals to its vibrant atmosphere, uncover the lesser-known aspects of this renowned international airport. Here are 10 facts about this bustling airport that you probably didn’t know.

Another Name

When it first opened in 1948, it was called Idlewild Airport, after the Idlewild Golf Course that previously occupied the site. It was later named John F. Kennedy Airport in 1963, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

In the Movies


JFK Airport has been used in many films and TV shows. It has served as the backdrop in classic movies such as “Catch Me If You Can” and “The Terminal.” The excited travelers and bustling atmosphere make this a popular choice for film producers.

The Post Office


This airport has its own dedicated United States Postal Service (USPS) office, which operates within the airport grounds. It handles a significant amount of mail and packages that are sent to and from the airport.

Historic Landmark


The TWA Flight Centre, designed by renowned architect Eero Saarinen, is a striking and iconic building within JFK. Although it no longer serves as a terminal, it has been designated as a historic landmark and is being transformed into a hotel and conference center.

Connection to the Space Industry


The TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport served as the terminal for the Pan Am Worldport, which was the primary gateway for passengers traveling to and from the United States to Europe and other international destinations. It also played a role in the early days of the space industry as the departure point for the first transatlantic flights of the Apollo lunar program.

JFK has its Own Power Plant


Believe it or not, JFK has its very own power plant. To ensure a reliable power supply, this was an essential addition to the airport. This plant can generate electricity and heat, helping to maintain operations even during external power outages.

The JFK Train System


There is a train system at JFK Airport connecting the terminals. The aid passenger movement, JFK Airport operates the AirTrain JFK, an elevated train system that connects all the airport terminals, as well as a connection to public transportation options like the New York City Subway and Long Island Rail Road.

Aviation Museum


The airport has its own aviation museum. The Cradle of Aviation Museum, located just a few miles from JFK Airport, showcases the history of aviation and space exploration. It features a vast collection of aircraft, artifacts, and interactive exhibits, making it a must-visit for aviation enthusiasts.

Extensive Art Collection


The airport is home to an art collection. JFK Airport has an extensive collection of artwork displayed throughout its terminals. The collection includes sculptures, paintings, and installations by various artists, providing a unique cultural experience for travelers.

Airbus A380 Terminal


JFK was the first airport in the United States to have a dedicated terminal for the Airbus A380. Terminal 4 at JFK was the first terminal in the USA specifically designed to handle the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. It includes gates and facilities capable of accommodating this massive plane.

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