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10 Signs You’re a Strong Woman Who Intimidates Others

by Roberto
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Do you ever meet a woman who oozes confidence and part of you is either slightly jealous or intimidated by her? Strong women are bad**s. In a good kinda way though. Are you a strong woman? Do you know what it takes to become one?

Many strong women have gone through a lot of trials, heartbreak and devastation to get where they are today. Others were raised that way. However they got there, here are 10 signs of a strong woman who intimidates others.

1 She’s Not Afraid to Say NO

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She has no problems saying NO to toxic people, saying NO to invitations among other things. No no no!! So many people will say yes just to please others but not this girl. She’s done being a people pleaser. She did all that all her life, and now she’s saying YES to herself and NO to others. And she does so unapologetically.

2 She Lifts Other Women Up

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She’s not in high school anymore and isn’t interested in competing against other women. She hopes we all succeed. She will do what she can to help other women achieve their hopes and dreams. The strong woman is encouraging and empowering and is happy to set an example for other women to follow.

3 She’s Ok With Being Alone

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She loves her own company and doesn’t feel lonely when she’s alone. While she sometimes wishes she had a lifelong partner, she’s okay with being alone and won’t sacrifice her morals or values OR her self-worth to be with a man.

She’s sacrificed herself for years so she wouldn’t be alone, but she’s not that woman anymore.

4 Not Afraid to Travel Solo

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Let’s face it, traveling solo can be pretty scary and intimidating, but once you get over the fear of doing it, you become liberated. One of the signs you’re a strong woman is that you can bravely travel solo and not need anyone to keep you safe. Being solo won’t stop her from heading out on an adventure somewhere, anywhere in the world!

5 She Doesn’t Care What People Think of Her

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She could not care less if people don’t like the way she dresses, talks, wears her hair, how many tattoos she has, or whatever. She just doesn’t care at all. The strong woman lives her life to please herself, not other people. At the end of the day, if she was a good person, did something nice for someone and did something that brought her joy, that’s all that matters. Not what people think of her.

6 She Remains Calm in Stressful Situations

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Life isn’t always rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns. Sometimes it can be super stressful, and life has a habit of throwing some serious things at us. The strong woman will take a step back from a situation and analyze it before flying off the ledge. She knows that everything is temporary, the good and the bad, and there’s a solution to every problem.

7 Takes Time For Inner Healing Work

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The strong woman has taken the time to work on her inner child and the demons from her past so that she can move forward in life, in all her relationships, in a healthy way. She understands that until we heal, we will continue to bleed all over those who didn’t cut us. Healing is important to her mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

8 She’ll Tell it Like it Is

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If you can’t handle the truth, don’t ask for her opinion. She doesn’t sugar coat things. Why would she? If you want the truth, you’ve come to the right gal. If you want a lie, go ask someone else. She believes honesty is the best policy and is not afraid to speak it. Lying only hurts us all in the end.

9 She Asks For Help

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The strong woman understands that she can’t do everything herself and sometimes you need to shout out for help and she has no problem doing that. She loves asking people for help not only because it helps her but it gives other people a chance to help. And people really do love helping!

10 She Doesn’t Put Up With Other People’s Crap

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She will walk away from toxic people because she simply doesn’t have time for their crap. The strong woman will also stand up to bullies or negative people who are trying to bring others down. She won’t tolerate that and is happy to be the voice for the shy, weak or timid people. She won’t stand for that bulls*it.

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