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10 Sure Signs You’re Having a Midlife Crisis

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We all have this picture of a frantic, maniacal, crazy eyed lady as the face of a midlife crisis but is there more to it than that? Do women in their midlife just go crazy? In case you still aren’t too sure, here are the 10 sure signs you are having a midlife crisis.

1 Feelings of Anxiety

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Little panic and anxiety attacks show up out of the blue for no reason. You have a hard time catching your breath and feel very vulnerable and scared.

2 Feelings of Emptiness

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Emptiness is like you don’t feel worthy or fulfilled. You sit and often wonder, “What in the world am I here for.” You wonder if there’s something more you should be seeking. You wonder a lot of things. Many women who go through midlife feel empty and unworthy, almost invisible if you will.

3 Feelings of Sadness and Loneliness

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Sometimes for no reason, sometimes because you feel like your life is half over, and you’re starting to get scared and sad about it. Regardless of how much joy and how many blessings you have in your life, sadness still shows up. Please don’t confuse sadness with depression. If you need help, please speak to a professional.

4 Make Changes in Your Appearance

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And not just your lipstick color. Sometimes drastic changes. You may have gone from being a brunette with long hair to chopping it all off and embracing your grey! Or maybe you tossed out all your boring clothes and are wearing more sassy clothes.

5 Thinking of Other Men

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Have you been fantasizing about the dude who pumps your gas? I think this is totally natural, to be honest, so don’t feel guilty or bad about that. I think it’s like testing the waters emotionally. I bet your other midlife crisis gal pals are having the same thoughts!

6 Tripping Down Memory Lane A Lot

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You’re starting to think back to when you were a teenager in love with your first boyfriend. Or maybe that Christmas dinner when the kids were young and fun. It could be that you’re just thinking about your younger days more often, how you looked, what you did, who your friends were, etc.

7 You Lost Your ‘Gaf’ Attitude

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You don’t care what people think of you anymore, you don’t care what the neighbors are doing, you just don’t care about all the things that used to matter but never should have. You have a newfound freedom, lost your filter and are living life on your own terms now. Go girl!!

8 You Don’t Feel Sexy or Worthy

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Suddenly, you feel ugly, old, fat, skinny, creepy, not sexy, or pretty. I mean, girl, we’re getting older, and we ain’t 25 anymore, but that doesn’t mean you still aren’t beautiful! Don’t compare yourself to younger girls. You ARE sexy and beautiful.

9 Making Radical Changes in Your Life

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We’re not talking a new hairstyle here. You may be rethinking your career, city, relationship, country, all of it and ready to make a grand leap into foreign territory. You’re done with the old you.

10 Gaining Weight

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When we feel sad or depressed or not our usual bubbly selves, we turn to food, and unfortunately, we aren’t chomping on celery sticks. Nope. It’s french fries, cakes, donuts, ice cream, and cookies. If this is happening to you, try to substitute those bad snacks for healthier options!

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