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10 Surefire Signs Your Job Might be Toxic

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Is your workplace toxic or stressing you out? Do you go home from work every day exhausted and frustrated? Here are 10 surefire signs that your workplace might be too toxic for you, and it could be time to look for another job.

From high turnover rates to micromanagement, we take a look at ten key indicators that may suggest your traditional job is taking a toll on your well-being.

High Staff Turnover Rate


If you notice a high staff turnover rate, it could be a sign of a toxic work environment. Why don’t employees stay long? What’s causing everyone to leave or get fired? If you dig deep enough, you’ll find out the reason for the high turnover rate.

Lack of Work-life Balance


Is your entire life consumed by work? If you find it difficult to disconnect from work, you need to figure out if this is because you are a poor time manager or because you are being taken advantage of. Other reasons could be that the best leads or highest paying jobs are given to those online, so you feel that you are not able to log off because potentially you’ll miss out.



Constant monitoring and excessive control by your superiors can be incredibly demotivating. If your boss constantly breathes down your neck, scrutinizes your every move, and doesn’t leave any room for autonomy, that is a sure sign of a toxic environment.

Lack of Recognition and Appreciation


Feeling undervalued and unappreciated can take a toll on your well-being, as well as the amount of effort you are willing to put into your job. Who wants to work in a place where they are not appreciated? If employers want the best from their team, they need to look after them and give credit where credit is due – either publicly or privately – however the employee prefers.

Office Politics and Favoritism


This point often boils down to specific departments and not usually an entire company, however, office politics breeds a toxic space. This includes favoritism and lack of transparency. It also includes colleagues trying to get you to pick sides and dislike others, and treat people poorly consciously.

In addition, if promotions are based on personal relationships rather than merit, this will lead to bitterness and resentment.

Bullying or Harassment


This can come from colleagues or management and can also come as a form of manipulation. Your boss might call you after hours to ask you questions about work or make you feel guilty for taking your lunch break that you end up working more hours and not getting paid for it.

The worst is when you report it, and either you are treated even worse or nothing gets done about it.

High-stress Levels


Some levels of stress are normal in a workplace, but excessive stress can be harmful to your physical and mental health. If you constantly feel overwhelmed, experience anxiety, or have difficulty managing stress due to unrealistic expectations and a heavy workload, your job may be toxic.

Constant Negativity


If negativity permeates through your office, with colleagues constantly complaining, gossiping, or spreading a general sense of pessimism, it might be time to look for alternate work opportunities. Negativity breeds toxicity, and it is draining to be surrounded by it. Eventually, this will take a toll on your mental, and possibly your physical, health.

Physical and Mental Health Issues


Toxic work environments cause great stress and anxiety, which might start off slowly, and you might not notice it. Common symptoms are lack of sleep, headaches, crying before work, a feeling of dread before entering the office, and loss of appetite. These are all signs that your workplace is very possibly toxic.

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