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10 Surprising Male Dominated Jobs That Women Are Doing

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In today’s rapidly changing world, women continue to break barriers and excel in professions that were once considered unconventional or male-dominated. Their success not only challenges societal norms but also paves the way for future generations of women to pursue their passions fearlessly and make their own unique contributions to the world.

Commercial Fisherman (Er, Woman)


The waters that the commercial fishermen tackle are unpredictable and challenging. The equipment is heavy and the work is physically demanding. With proper training, physical fitness, a passion for the industry, and the right mindset, women can certainly overcome these challenges and thrive in this currently male-dominated field of commercial fishing.

Oil Rig Worker


This job entails drilling, operating, and maintaining offshore oil rigs. Oil rig workers handle equipment, oversee drilling operations, ensure safety protocols are followed, and perform maintenance tasks. Weather conditions can be harsh, and the job itself is high risk. The isolation of offshore work and the physical demands are sometimes relentless, but women are excelling as they communicate, work well as part of a team, can learn technical skills, and have great attention to detail.

Expedition Guide in Antarctica


The wild of Antarctica calls to all hearts, and leading tours and guiding visitors is something that certain folk are born to do. Extreme weather conditions, remote locations, and challenging terrain make this job incredibly challenging, but when a woman can foster inclusivity, show her caring nature, and include unique perspectives into this world, the overall visitor experience will be enhanced.

Air Traffic Controller


Air traffic controllers provide a vital role in the safe and efficient movement of aircraft. People in this career need to know or learn how to manage their stress levels and remain in a continuous state of calm. They excel in this extremely pressurized job by leveraging their strong communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to handle stress in high-pressure situations. Women’s multitasking abilities, calm demeanor, and excellent spatial awareness enable them to succeed in this intense work environment.

Ice Road Trucker


A woman being an ice road trucker might surprise some due to the physically demanding nature of the job and the traditionally male-dominated industry. The career involves navigating treacherous icy roads in remote and challenging environments; however, women breaking barriers and excelling in this field are showing their resilience and grit in this non-traditional role.

Arctic Researcher


Arctic research often entails enduring extreme cold, isolation and working in remote and challenging situations. However, women scientists in this field are breaking barriers, demonstrating their scientific expertise, their resilience, and dedication to acquiring knowledge about the Arctic, challenging gender stereotypes, and inspiring future generations of female researchers.

Dog Sled Musher


Dog mushing involves handling a team of strong sled dogs in challenging terrains, enduring extreme weather conditions, and participating in long-distance races. However, women are breaking through the stereotype, connecting with their canine partners, and proving that no matter what gender, anyone with their heart and mind in the game can succeed.

Safari Guide


Traditionally, the position of a safari guide is filled by a male, but that is slowly changing. Men are seen as the protector and the ones with strength; we perpetrate them to be the navigators if we are lost, and they are the ones who are assumed to be good at firing weapons, if necessary. However, more and more women are `becoming safari guides, getting involved in this field, taking charge and navigating with travelers through diverse terrains and introducing them to Africa’s finest wildlife.



We picture firefighters as buffed men who have to drive large trucks, control powerful hoses, and carry out other physically demanding tasks, as well as withstand the heat and pressure of a fiery blaze. However, more and more women are becoming firefighters, showcasing their strength and bravery, and determination to protect their communities.



And lastly, a pilot. When you think of Top Gun or any other Blockbuster movie, chances are the pilot is a man and the movies are supposedly mimicking real life. Whether that be an airplane or a helicopter, this is traditionally a career for males. But more and more women are entering this field and doing well, proving they have the skills, precision, and ability to handle complex flying abilities.

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