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10 Things to Do as Soon as You Check Into a Hotel Room

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As you embark on your vacation and step into your hotel room, taking a moment to assess your surroundings is essential. You can ensure a pleasant and hassle-free stay by conducting a thorough check. From cleanliness to safety features, amenities to functionality, these initial moments set the stage for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

And is there anything worse than having your vacation ruined because of the accommodations you chose?

1 Make Sure the Lock on the Door Works


No matter where in the world you are, check that your hotel room door locks from inside the room as well as outside. The key cards can become disabled when kept close to credit cards and cell phones, and it can cause issues heading up and down the lift or stairs to keep getting your card reset. Also, ensure that it locks securely to stop unwanted visitors from stopping by.

2 Learn How to Reach Management in Case of Emergency


It isn’t always as simple as picking up a phone. As more and more hotels go off the grid and others go green, telephones are being removed from the rooms. Find out exactly how to contact the management team in case of an emergency or even how to order a midnight snack. 

3 Find Your Safe


Find the room safe, and test the locking mechanism to ensure it is in good working condition. In addition, make sure that it is bolted to the wall so that any would-be thief can’t just take the entire safe and carry it out of the room. And don’t forget to use it! Leave your valuables in your room if you are heading to the beach or fun activities for the day. Chances are, you don’t need your passport, credit cards, etc.

4 Check the Windows For Security


Some countries require more security than others. If you are in a higher-risk country, check that your windows lock and, if necessary, that there are security bars fitted. For other countries, secure-closing windows can keep out drafts and whistling wind noises on windy nights. And if you have small children, please ensure your windows are childproof and safe. 

5 Check the Sheets and Towels


As inviting as a freshly made bed appears, looks can sometimes be deceiving. Pull back the covers and check to see that the sheets and bedding are clean. Check for hair and stains, and it is a good idea even to lift the mattress and check for mold and bed bugs. And although the towels are folded up nicely, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are fresh and clean. Check those too!

6 Mosquito Nets For the Win


When you get into your room, ensure that insect repellant spray has been provided and that the container is full. Look to see that the mosquito net over the bed is in good condition and doesn’t have holes in it. There’s nothing more annoying than a buzzing sound at 2 am because you forgot to check that the mosquito net is hole free. Don’t assume they are in perfect condition. 

7 Check the Amenities


There’s nothing worse than sitting on the toilet only to realize there’s no toilet paper or Kleenex. Yes, it happens. Do a quick walkabout and check the coffee machine, lights, aircon, and fans are in working condition and that they are quiet. Make sure that the bathroom has full, clean bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel and a new and unused soap is provided.

8 Remote Controlled Room


It is more and more common to find that modern hotel rooms run off iPads, which for some, can be quite complicated. Open the curtains and turn on the aircon, all from the touch of a button while lying in bed. Just make sure you know where the control panel is and how to use it correctly.

9 Test the Wifi Connection and Speed


Check the availability and quality of the hotel’s Wi-Fi connection. Connect your device to the network and test the internet speed to ensure it meets your requirements. This is especially important if you rely on a stable and fast internet connection for work.

10 Your Special Requests


Have your special requests been attended to? Has the hotel provided your hypo-allergenic pillows and an extra blanket for the night? Usually, it’s best to pre-arrange special requests, so take a few minutes to ensure these items are provided.

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