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10 Things to Do When You Hit Rock Bottom

by Roberto
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Hitting rock bottom is probably one of the most stressful and terrifying things that can happen to you. Your entire world comes crashing down around you, and you feel there is no hope and no reason to live on.

You’re not alone. Though rock bottom is devastating, it’s not how your story ends; there is a way out. I want to share 10 tips with you now to give you hope and encourage you to push through and climb out of rock bottom. I hope these tips help you. If you know someone who is going through a hard time right now, do them a solid and share this with them. 

1 Assess the situation

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When you feel calm and relaxed, take a minute to go over what happened, why it happened, and see where you can go from here. There’s no sense in doing the “what went wrong and why did this happen to me” thing because the answers don’t matter. It happened. Let’s deal with it and move on. We need to find solutions, not focus on the problem.

2 Talk to a Friend

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While this almost sounds like a no-brainer, many people won’t reach out to anyone because of pride or for whatever reason. Many of us don’t want to ‘bother’ anyone. You’re not bothering anyone. People really do care!! Call someone you can trust just to pour your troubles out. It helps to get things off your chest and not keep them bottled up inside. 

3 Deep Breathing Exercises

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Don’t discount the power of calming breathing. You are in a state of anxiety and anger and stress, and need I go on? Some deep and calming breathing exercises will be your saving grace. Trust me on that. Each time you feel a wave of anxiety come over, just breathe through it. Breathe in peace, breathe out stress.

4 Get Outside

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Get outside as often as you can. Don’t stay in and cry your heart out forever or sit and drink your sorrows away every day. Please don’t do that. It will only temporarily make you feel good. When you sober up, the issue is still there. Get outside and go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Clear your head. 

5 Take Time For Self-Care

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It’s easy to beat yourself up and feel like a loser, and I’m here to tell you you are so NOT a loser. You just hit a bump in the road. Take some time just for you to relax and honor who you are. Be gentle with yourself. Encourage yourself. Lift your spirits! It’s important to take time to care for and love yourself, no matter how hard it is to do so.

6 Volunteer

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I recommend this to anyone who is having a hard time in life. Go volunteer. It will bring you joy and make you feel like you are worthy and doing good (well, you are doing good!!). Volunteering is the best way to take your mind off your troubles and help someone else in need. It’s also a great way to help you put things into perspective and find solutions to your problems.

7 Journal

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Get out your journal or a notepad and write out all your feelings, the good and the bad. Get it all out. Writing has proven to be extremely therapeutic. When we write out everything that is building up inside of us, it’s like purging toxicity. You’ll feel a million times lighter. 

8 Do Some Self Reflection

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Take this time to have a look at the situation and see if maybe this thing that went wrong wasn’t for you in the first place. It could be a sign from the universe that you’re on the wrong path, and though we really don’t want to hear that, it’s true. So life basically stopped you and said, “Nope, no further for you”! Take some time and listen to your heart.

9 Ask For Help

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Don’t lie about your situation, and tell everyone you’re fine. You’re not fine, and you might even need help. It’s ok to need and ask for help. As I mentioned earlier, people care and do want to help. Let them. No one knows that you’re not ok if you don’t tell them. 

10 Remember Everything is Temporary

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The good and the bad, heck, even life is! You have to remind yourself that what you are going through right now won’t last. Try to think of the last time you went through something really horrible and how you made it out ok. You’ll get through this too.

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