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10 Things Women Really Wish Men Knew

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Sometimes our differences can cause problems in our relationships. Below are some possible things that women wish men knew about, which can help men relate to women. Remember, we’re all wired differently, so what some women wish, other women might not find so important.

Here are ten things women wish men knew.

How We Operate


Men, it would be great if you could relate to us on an emotional level because that’s how we express ourselves. Feeling is at the core of our being. Everything affects us in a feeling kind of way, such as people, places, things, and experiences.

Since we are moved by feelings, we will react and express ourselves based on our feelings. We feel all kinds of feelings throughout our day, such as happiness, sadness, worry, fear, and anger. One minute, you may see us cry, and the next minute, you may see us laughing.

Communication is Important To Us

woman and man on date, wine glasses on table, sad couple

We love to talk because it makes us feel connected. We need emotional connection, and talking is how we get it. Talking also helps us to release our feelings. If we do not talk, we will become overwhelmed by feeling too many feelings. To connect with us, you need to communicate because silence to women is a sign that something is wrong.

We Love to Feel Cared For

woman with hands on heart, peaceful, loving

We know how good it feels to be cared for by those we have cared for. Women love to be cared for. If a woman is sick, nurture her back to health, bring her some soup, and help her with the chores that have been neglected. If a woman is upset, hold her and talk out her feelings with her, this will help her move on to happier feelings. Women also love to be touched in a non-sexual way.

They love holding hands and being held and cuddled too. Another way that a woman feels cared for is when a man caters to her. There is something wonderful about a man who opens doors for us, runs us a bath, and brings dinner to us once in a while.

We Love Appreciation

sad woman, frustrated woman, upset woman

We show love for a man through our dedication. Women will do whatever it takes to give men all the comforts of home, such as cooked meals, clean clothes, companionship, support, and keeping the house clean. We work hard to provide you with the comforts of home and would love your appreciation.

Please do not take our dedication for granted, please pick up after yourselves and put your dirty clothes in the hamper; otherwise, we will feel like your mother instead of your wife, which will cause us to act like your mother instead of your wife!

Loyalty and Respect Are Important to Us


We work so hard to get your loyalty and respect by providing you with intimacy, companionship, emotional support, clean clothes, cooked meals, and a clean bed. In order to have a successful relationship, both partners must be loyal and dedicated to each other.

Please do not give your loyalty and dedication to another woman while we are loyal and dedicated to you, as this would be the ultimate betrayal of the years we have spent caring for you.

Sexual Arousal is Different For Us

woman in bed with arms up, sex, faceless woman

Sex is different for women, we cannot just jump in bed and have sex. We need to feel emotionally connected to someone before we can have sex with them. We are not sexually aroused by visuals as you are. Looks alone does nothing for us. To us, sleeping with one, based only on their appearance, is like sleeping with a framed picture.

Women are sexually aroused by emotional intimacy and need to be emotionally aroused by their partners.

We Don’t Like Being Controlled

woman sitting on mountain alone, woman pensive with coffee

Some men think that the only way they can feel powerful is by taking away the power of another. The problem with controlling men is that they use their power to benefit themselves at the expense of women. What good is the power of men if they are the only ones who benefit from it?

We all need freedom, space, independence, and respect. Controlling someone is taking all this away from that person. When you lose respect, you will lose love eventually, too.

Why We Love to Shop

woman shopping, woman with shopping bags, shopping

Women are gatherers. We shop to get things that are necessary to maintain the household, such as food, bath items, linens, cleaning supplies, and clothing. Sometimes we go shopping with our friends just to socialize and keep up with the latest trends. If we spend money on ourselves, it is most likely because we want to beautify ourselves for you.

And we also just love new things!

We Love Romance

man with two hearts in front of his face, love, hearts, man

Women love romance. We loved it when you were pursuing us for a date. You would talk and listen to us, bring us flowers, open the car doors for us, and hold our hand. Just because you have won our affection doesn’t mean that you no longer have to romance us. The romance was part of the reason why we were attracted to you in the first place.

Please don’t stop doing that.

We Need Men

heart, two hands holding a heart

We may not say it as often as we should, but we really do need you. You possess gifts that we do not have. Because of your physical power, you have built us a home and a car to drive. Because of your physical power, you can move furniture to places we cannot and carry in more grocery bags from the car than we can.

We look to you for protection. Your physical power makes us feel safe.

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