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10 Ways to Get Through Your Midlife Crisis

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Having, and going through, a midlife crisis is no fun. We’re cranky, sad, frustrated, and borderline ready to snap at any given moment. If you don’t have the right tools to get you through your midlife crisis, it can get ugly. Here are 10 ways to get through this crisis without losing your marbles, or your friends!

1 Journal Your Feelings

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Writing is so therapeutic yet so few people do it! When we write out our feelings, they no longer harbor inside of us and steal our joy. Get yourself a journal and next time you feel anger, anxiety or any other toxic feeling coming on, grab your pen and write it out.

2 Meditate or Deep Breathing

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Find a quiet spot away from whatever, or whoever, is stressing you out and practice some deep breathing. You can also choose to put on some zen music and meditate your stress away. It works!

3 Make Small Changes

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This is actually a really good time to take inventory of the things, and people, in your life and see what needs to go and what you can do to make things better. But start small. Get rid of, or incorporate, one thing at a time. These little changes add up to big results.

4 Talk to a Friend

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Call up a friend next time you feel anxious or frustrated. Chances are, she knows exactly what you are going through and can most likely calm you down or offer tools to help you chill out.

5 Daily Gratitude Practice

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When we stop and take time to be grateful for all we have, we tend to forget our troubles. Practicing gratitude daily is a great way to bring more peace, harmony and blessings into your life. Write out the things you are grateful for daily, or just say them out loud daily. Either way, gratitude works.

6 Get Outside/Exercise More

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Whether you do yoga in a park or workout at home, exercising and fresh air are two things that are guaranteed to flip your frown upside down and put you in a way better mood. Even a simple walk in the park is going to help you tremendously!

7 Learn Something New

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Let’s face it, by the time we hit our mid 40’s early 50’s, life can feel boring and mundane. Why not check out some online classes or head to your local college to see what they have to offer for fun classes. Learning something new will give you a sense of purpose and also help build your self confidence!

8 Seek Professional Help

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If you feel your mental health is declining, and that can happen to some women, seek professional help. There’s no shame in it and they will be able to give you the help you need.

9 Change Your Daily Diet

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They say you are what you eat. So if you’re fueling your body with junk food your body and mind will revolt. Trust me on that. Subtitute that soda for cucumber/mint water. Grab a handful of walnuts instead of a donut. Your body and mind will thank you.

10 Have a Me Day

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We just don’t treat ourselves enough. Book a me day once a week. Whether it be a visit to your local spa or giving yourself a mani/pedi with some soft music, candles and a glass of your favourite beverage. Go love yourself up some, girl!

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