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11 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 50

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Having a bucket list at any age keeps up the enthusiasm toward life and offers something to look forward to at any point in life. Not sure how to make a bucket list? Think about your dreams and goals at your current stage of life, think about what inspires you, and keep it realistic and tailored to your interests.

It is important to note here that the following list is just a starting place, and your own preferences and interests may differ. The general idea is to immerse in new experiences, challenge yourself, and prioritize your happiness and self-growth. Design your bucket list to reflect your unique journey and aspirations as a woman.

Solo Travel


Solo travel can be an incredibly transformative experience. It allows you to explore new destinations and capture lifelong memories. Hop on a solo trip to a destination you have always wanted to visit, whether it’s a historic city, a paradise island, or a scenic wonder. Explore local cuisines and traditions, meet new people, embrace solo time, and enjoy your independence. Keep in mind solo travel is a unique opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth.

Learn Self-defence

self defence

Learning self-defense is an empowering skill for everyone, including women. It can boost your personal safety, enhance your confidence, and provide you with the tools to protect yourself if needed. Start by researching various available self-defense disciplines, such as kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, etc., to equip yourself with the self-defense skill that suits you the best.

Achieve a Fitness Goal

planking, exercising, bucket list

Challenge yourself to reach a fitness goal before turning 50. It could be running a marathon, completing a triathlon, mastering a challenging yoga pose, losing/gaining a specific amount of weight, completing a fitness challenge, or building strength in a particular area. Achieving a fitness goal is a journey and will take time. Be patient with yourself, and focus on the positive changes happening along the way.


women talking, woman consoling another woman, bucketlist ideas

One way to benefit someone from your knowledge and experiences is to pay it forward by becoming a mentor. Pass on your wisdom and support another woman’s growth and development. Identify your area of expertise, define your mentorship objectives and expectations, and seek opportunities through mentoring programs in your locality and professional networks.

Financial Independence

woman throwing money

Focus on financial planning, investments, and building a strong financial foundation consistently for yourself from the start of your career, which would ensure financial freedom and security before you turn 50 and allow you to make joyful choices based on personal preferences rather than financial constraints during the golden years of your life.

Learn a New Instrument

woman playing piano

It’s never too late to explore your musical interests and enjoy the enriching benefits of playing music. Start simple: choose an instrument, establish a practice routine, start with simple songs, maintain consistency, and most importantly, embrace the learning process.

Write and Publish

girl writing

It’s never too late! If you’ve always had a passion for writing, pursue it by writing and publishing your stories, knowledge, or fiction with the world. It’s also easier than you think. A quick Google search will point you in the direction of how to do this yourself for a very low cost.

Make a Difference


Get involved in a cause that you resonate with and actively contribute to making a positive impact. It can be small acts of kindness that will go a long way to educate and empower others. Whether it’s volunteering, supporting non-profit organizations, advocacy work, promoting sustainable practices, investing in education, or fundraising, use your skills and resources to create change.

Learn a New Language


It can be quite a gratifying experience to learn a new language before turning 50, whether it’s for personal growth, travel purposes, or expanding your career opportunities. As a starting step, find language partners or classes and begin watching content (shows, movies) in that language.

Enjoy a Fine-dining Experience at a 5-star Restaurant

5 star restaurant

We all have one such high-end restaurant in mind that we have always wanted to try. Don’t wait any longer, and treat yourself and/or your loved one to this elegant and luxurious experience. The key here is to indulge in this delightful activity and create memories.

Do One Thing That Scares You

skydiving, bucket list ideas

Whether it be jumping out of a plane or ziplining through the rainforest, think of one thing you’ve always wanted to do but were always too scared of, and just do it. You don’t want to live with regret now, do you? Call up a friend and see if they’ll accompany you or go alone!

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