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12 Common Beauty Myths Busted

by Roberto
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Maybe you’ve heard your mom talking about it or your girlfriends at your slumber party. There are simply too many beauty myths to count, which can stem from our simple skin creams to our daily beauty routines.

These beauty myths may even cost us a lot, and some are passed down from the past. It seems that when it comes to beauty, we sometimes lose our logical selves in the need to fuel our vanity. It’s high time to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not.

Crossing Your Legs Can Cause Varicose Veins


On the contrary, standing for hours can give you these unsightly veins, along with your genes. When you stand, it takes a lot of work for your blood to rise from your legs to your heart. This is why unsightly veins occur, with a pool of blood collecting in one or more places.

Soap is Harsh on Your Skin

woman washing her face

Perhaps you’re thinking of your grandma’s soap? Older soaps contained animal fats and vegetable oils. The newer versions are milder and come with moisturizers that are gentle on your skin. And finding all-natural and even vegan soaps is fairly simple these days.

Besides, it’s better to have clean skin than dirty skin.

You Can Lose All That Cellulite

cellulite stamp

How you wish this were true… but even liposuction can’t simply get rid of all that cellulite. Know that these are deposits trapped between the fibrous bands connecting your skin tissues. These bands can squeeze the fats under your skin, causing a lumpy appearance, whether you are fat or thin.

You can use firming creams and moisturizers to temporarily hide these swellings or use fake tan to camouflage those orange peels.

Plucking Gray Hair Means Having More Gray Hairs

woman in mirror, plucking hair from chin

Not really! Plucking gray hairs doesn’t mean you’ll have more grays. However, doing so may damage your roots, which is not ideal. But who are we to stop you from plucking that long coarse gray hair at the end of your nose or on your chin?

You Can Minimize Pores

womans face, skin

The ever-popular pore minimizer has invaded the cosmetics counter more than it did a few years back. If you think you can reduce your pores, think again! Pore size is determined by genetics. All those products promising to minimize pores will only make them appear smaller temporarily.

Shaving Hair Makes It Grow Darker and Thicker

woman shaving face, shaving hair

Your genes determine how much hair your body has, whether you shave or not. Shaving your hair can make new hair growth appear stubbier, as you need to cut the hair from the base. But the width, color, and density of your hair will remain the same.

Washing and Sun Exposure Can Get Rid of Blemishes

woman with face to the sun

Staying clean is the best way to have healthy skin, but if you wash or scrub vigorously, you might increase your face’s oil production and worsen your acne condition. Though the sun can help dry out pimples, it’s only a temporary effect. You’ll have more breakouts after being exposed to the sun.

(Did I also mention that chocolate doesn’t really cause acne?)

You Can Skip Sunscreen on a Cloudy Day

woman in fields, clouds in sky

UV rays are invisible to the naked eye, and you can still get those harmful rays even on a cloudy day. You should never skip sunscreen or wearing a hat/sunglasses to prevent your skin from the sun’s rays. If you have extra sensitive skin, sunscreen is a must, no matter what the forecast says.

You Can Reverse Split Ends

sad woman with dry hair, dry hair, split ends, damaged hair

Anti-frizz hair products may tame your hair and make those split ends less noticeable, but the only way to get rid of them for good is to have a haircut. It’s important to know what causes split ends and try to minimize the culprits.

Believe your hairdresser when she tells you it’s time to cut all those dry ends off. It’s for a good reason.

Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil are Great for Stretch Marks

coconut oil

Not really! Stretch marks occur when your skin expands quickly (e.g., during pregnancy), and sadly, these marks are formed below the top layer of your skin, which topical butter/oil can’t reach.

Concealer is for Blemishes

concealer, lady holding make up palette

Concealer is designed to lighten dark undereye circles and is not meant for blemishes. Since it is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone, it can actually draw attention to the blemish. The best way to hide blemishes is to spot-apply a foundation stick or cover-up that matches your skin tone exactly.

Oily Skin Doesn’t Need a Moisturizer


Even oily skin needs moisture. When skin isn’t well moisturized, it looks dull, tired, and older than it is. Look for an oil-free moisturizer that isn’t greasy and won’t clog pores.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, the first thing people see. You can pamper your skin with natural skincare products that cleanse and nourish your skin. You can also use non-toxic personal care products to stay away from harmful chemicals. To put it simply: Love your skin!

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