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15 Photos of Ireland That Will Inspire You to Visit

by Roberto
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I’ve lived in Ireland for 5 years now… and have been in love with the country for far longer than that! As I write this, I am trying to survive my first week of social distancing along with what feels like the rest of the world.

We are all trying to figure out ways to stay connected while being isolated. I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos of Ireland from the last 5 years to inspire you to visit (when the travel bans are lifted of course)!

Cliffs of Moher – County Claire

The second most visited location in Ireland are the Cliffs of Moher (The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin being the first). No visit to Ireland is complete without a stop at the Cliffs of Moher!  Known as one of the 7 wonders of Ireland, the Cliffs are one of the top tourist attractions in Ireland.


Ultimate Guide to Cliffs of Moher

Sleive League – County Donegal

Often referred to as a less touristy version of the Cliffs of Moher, I can honestly say they are nothing alike! While both are absolutely breathtaking, they each have their own character and spirit.

plummeting cliffs of Sleive League in Donegal Ireland, photo of ireland
Sleive League

Arranmore Lighthouse – County Donegal

One of the most underrated areas of Ireland by tourists is county Donegal. With Slieve League, the Arranmore lighthouse, and Malin Head (the most northern point of Ireland), there are so many amazing views and coastal drives.

Arranmore Lighthouse in Donegal, Ireland, on a rocky cliff above the ocean

Old Library at Trinity College – Dublin City

One of the most beautiful indoor attractions in Ireland is the Old Library at Trinity College Dublin and the Book of Kells! The Old Library is one of my personal favorite Dublin spots and is SO stunning in person!

Two story wooden library with busts of famous authors along the shelves
Old Library at Trinity College

Gap of Dunloe – County Kerry

The Gap of Dunloe is located near Killarney and the Ring of Kerry, one of the top driving circles in the country. It is a popular spot for hiking, biking, and horse drawn carriage rides. You’ll get gorgeous Irish scenery no mater your mode of transport

The Gap of Dunloe in Ireland on a warm sunny day
The Gap of Dunloe

Dingle Peninsula – County Kerry

This is one of my favorite photos in Ireland. There is nothing like Ireland on a sunny, summer day! If you get REALLY lucky, you’ll see the country in a whole new light. You may even wonder if you somehow found your way on the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

Cliff side on the dingle penninsula in ireland, photo of ireland

Mussenden Temple – Northern Ireland

There are quite a few beautiful locations in Northern Ireland. One of my favorites is the Mussenden Temple run by the UK National Trust. It’s a gorgeous temple built in 1785, perched 120 meters on a cliff above a beach and the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon.


5 Must Do’s in Northern Ireland

Mussenden temple on the edge of a cliff with beach below, photo of Ireland

Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland

Probably one of my personal most visited attractions in a “foreign” country (not in the US or Ireland) is the Giant’s Causeway. It’s also one of the most visited locations in Northern Ireland in general and consists of basalt columns formed from an ancient volcanic eruption. It’s gorgeous, such a unique site, and a great spot to spend a few sunny hours!

Great South Wall – Dublin Bay

Dublin is full of many beautiful walks. One of the more popular among locals is the Great South Wall walk. It’s about a 4km walk each way on a promenade that extends through the Dublin Bay bringing you to the Poolbeg Lighthouse. The only other way to be that close to the middle of the bay is to get one one of the Dublin Bay cruises and take your chance at sea-sickness.

Great Sugar Loaf Mountain – County Wicklow

There are so many amazing hikes Ireland and quite a few of them fall a stones throw from the nation’s capital, Dublin. A very popular one is the Great Sugar Loaf Mountain hike with gorgeous views of Dublin and Wicklow as a reward at the end.


Hiking the Great Sugar Loaf Mountain from Dublin, Ireland

Dunguaire Castle – County Galway

Castles. Probably one of the things that makes people most excited to visit Ireland, and it’s no surprise why! One of my favorites is the Dunguaire Castle which is within a short walking distance from the small, but adorable town, Kinvara. They even take bookings for a castle banquet, complete with entertainment and locally sourced foods.

Dunguaire castle photo of Ireland

The Long Walk – Galway City

“I took a stroll on the old long walk of a day-I-ay-I-ay…” If you thought that sounded like familiar song lyrics from a popular movie (*cough* PS I Love You *cough*) then you are 100% correct! The long walk is a famous row of houses looking over Galway Bay. They can be found at the end of the main street (Shop Street), and even make a cameo in a popular Ed Sheeran music video!


10 Rom Coms Based in Europe to Watch When You Can’t Travel

The Long Walk in Galway Ireland, photo of Ireland

The Ring of Kerry – County Kerry

One of the most popular driving routes in Ireland among tourists is the Ring of Kerry. It only takes a few hours and gives some beautiful Irish views. If you are lucky enough to catch it on a summer day, you wont know if you are in the Caribbean or Ireland because of the deep blue of the water!

Muckross Demesne, Killarney – County Kerry

A short jaunt from Killarney town is the Muckross Demesne. It’s a tranquil walk along flat trails that lead to the Ross Castle. If you choose, part of the trail will take you to Lough (Lake) Leane and you’ll see some gorgeous views of the hills across the lake if the weather is clear.

Fungie the Dolphin – County

Dolphins! In Ireland!? Yep! Fungie the dolphin has been seen swimming the waters of Dingle Bay for 30 years. It’s rare to find dolphins (which tend to be fairly social creatures) living alone, but Fungie is Ireland’s first documented occurrence. He loves to play with the boats in the bay, so take a tour, and maybe you’ll get lucky enough to meet the fella.

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