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4 Fondue Restaurants to try in Zermatt, Switzerland

by Roberto
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Guys, I have a confession. I have an addiction, an addiction to CHEESE! It’s pretty much the single most important food group in my life, so when I visited Switzerland, I obviously had to have cheese fondue EVERY DAY!

These are four yummy fondue restaurants in Zermatt, Switzerland that I highly recommend! Give ’em a go after you get cleaned up after a hike or your visit to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise!

1 Du Pont

If you think about what it would be like to have dinner in a traditional Swiss chalet, Du Pont hits that mark. This place feels like you are in someone’s home having a traditional Swiss dinner with family. They have plenty of places for multiple large groups of people, but just make sure to make a reservation!

As for food, Du Pont has all sorts of types of fondue. We had the traditional cheese with potatoes! Then, we had a side of raclette. Raclette is a large cheese wheel that is put under a heat lamp to melt slightly. The cheese is then scraped on top of vegetables, like potatoes. There is no such thing as too much cheese!

2 Schäferstube

Schäferstube is probably one of the most cozy and warm places in Zermatt. It feels like a traditional ski hut! The whole place is covered in wood and sheep skin, and has pots and pans hanging from the ceilings. They specialize in the usual raclette and fondue, but also on lamb specialties.

The owners are The Julien Family, who own multiple businesses throughout Zermatt ranging from hotels to restaurants. They are also the world’s biggest breeder of blacknose sheep. Some of the lambskins are cured to be used as seat covers and the rest are sold to tourists.

You can book a reservation online, which you absolutely must do when visiting Zermatt!

Schäferstube restaurant in Zermatt

3 Le Gitan Grill

Le Gitan Grill was definitely one of the more fancier places, but also came with a higher price tag. This was the only place we had gone that had a truffle option for cheese fondue, so you bet your BOTTOM we got that one!!

I will say, it was to DIE for! So, I highly recommend giving it a try if it fits in your budget.

4 Your own chalet!

If you are renting an apartment or chalet while in Zermatt, then most likely, it will come with a fondue set in the kitchen!! If you want a way to save money, then having a little DIY fondue night in your chalet is the way to go!

The grocery stores in Zermatt have fondue boxes that come with everything you need to make your in-home fondue! You can even add a little bit of white wine and truffle paste to fancy it up a bit. To go with the fondue, you can buy a whole bunch of different bread and veggies to dip into it and have a freaking CHEESE FEAST!

home made fondue in our chalet in Zermatt

If you are also looking for some things to do while you are in Zermatt (that don’t have anything to do with attaching two long sticks to your feet), then check out my Matterhorn Guide!

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