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5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Use Silk Pillowcases

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You’ve heard that silk pillowcases are better for you but is the hype really true? It’s definitely a case of seeing is believing. If you’re ready to put this theory to the test, here are 5 amazing health benefits of silk pillowcases. Is satin just as good as silk? If you want good quality, go with silk. If that isn’t in your budget, satin will do the trick too!

1 They Keep You Cool

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The silky soft material will definitely keep you cool while you’re sleeping, especially for those of you who still suffer hot flashes! Remember, silk is made from all-natural materials and is super breathable, meaning, you won’t feel sweaty or sticky while you’re sleeping on it!

2 Keep Allergies at Bay

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Because it’s naturally made, it’s hypoallergenic. Yay! Not only that, but it’s also dust mite resistant too. Double yay! It’s no secret dust mites are partially responsible for causing asthma and allergies. Goodbye, critters.

3 Gives You Healthy and Shiny Hair

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The silk pillowcase benefits never cease to amaze me. I mean, have you ever tried to sleep on one? You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! No split ends, no frizzies, no bed head, no medusa-looking creature first thing in the morning. It’s magic.

4 Reduce Wrinkles

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While cotton pillowcases will tug and pull at your skin, this won’t happen with a silk pillowcase. Your skin will glide over it effortlessly and smoothly meaning, no new wrinkles.

5 Keep You Warm Too

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The silk fabric is a natural temperature regulator so if you’re hot it keeps you cool, if you’re cold it will keep you warm. What other material do you know that will do that too? FYI, satin pillowcases do this too!

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