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5 Silk Pillowcase Benefits That Might Surprise You

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Many years ago, I tried a silk pillowcase and was amazed in the morning that my hair still looked awesome. How could that be? What kind of voodoo magic is this? That was so many years ago, but just recently, I started looking into the silk pillowcase benefits and was just as amazed.

I already knew about the silk pillowcases’ hair benefits, but I also learned there’s an anti-aging silk pillowcase too. Did you know that these pillowcases are great for preventing wrinkles? Omg. Who knew??

So I did a little investigating into this and thought I’d share my findings with you. The first question most people have is, do silk pillowcases work?

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Do Silk Pillowcases Really Help Skin?

This is a question that gets asked a lot. Do silk pillowcases work? Well, yes, of course! For your skin, they are amazing. Check out this blurb from an article in NYTimes.

The fabric absorbs less moisture than cotton, so your skin stays more hydrated on silk than it does on percale cotton. For those who suffer from especially dry skin or who live in seasonally dry climates, that bit of extra overnight hydration can mean waking up with a less tight, dry face. Source: NYTimes-Wirecutter

With that being said, it’s clear that they simply allow your skin to stay hydrated naturally while you sleep. Hello!! That’s amaze-balls. But how do silk pillowcases work for hair?

This little blurb from Washington Post explains that pretty clearly:

The benefits of a silk pillowcase are most pronounced for hair, experts say, because the silk can help hair retain moisture from products and natural oils and reduce friction that could cause tangles and breakage. Source: Washington Post

You can clearly see that they most certainly do work! But there’s one thing you must know before you close this blog and go rush to order a silk pillowcase. There is also a satin pillowcase that many people think will do the same thing.

Silk vs Satin Pillowcase Benefits?

To sum it up in a simple and easy-to-understand way, silk is made from natural fibers, whereas satin is manufactured. Now with that said, satin does still have some of the same health benefits as silk pillowcases, the only difference?

To be honest, it’s the price. Satin is way more affordable than silk.

Which one you purchase is entirely up to you though I have heard some women say that they simply prefer silk vs satin pillowcases. I’ll have to agree on that one. I preferred the texture of silk on my skin.

But as far as satin vs silk pillowcase benefits? The difference is pretty minimal. Remember, with silk, you are getting quality. With satin, you’re getting a blend of materials.

Anti-aging Silk Pillowcase Benefits

Do silk pillowcases help with wrinkles?

Can we talk about the anti-aging silk pillowcase? Oooph yessssss! Where has this been all my life? Oh wait, at the store. So where I live in Guatemala, it’s practically impossible to find anything of such beauty and luxury, so I’ll have to wait until a friend is coming from North America to bring some down for me.

But seriously. I need an anti-aging silk pillowcase in my life. Lately, I’ve been really taking better care of my health. I quit smoking on Christmas day of 2020 after being a 46-year smoker (yes, you read that right), and I only use and make natural face washes and oils to put on my face.

You might want to check out the beauty videos over on my YouTube channel. They’re pretty awesome.

So a silk pillowcase is a definite must-buy for me!

Now you’re probably wondering how on earth these anti-aging silk pillowcases even work. Check this out. This will blow your mind and make you wonder why you’ve never bought one sooner!!

Cotton pillowcases will tug and pull on your skin, eventually causing fine lines and wrinkles because your skin doesn’t breathe freely on cotton. Silk pillowcases, on the other hand, are smoother and, well, silky, so your face and skin glide across the surface.

How’s that for silk pillowcase benefits for skin? And pretty awesome when you think about it, too!

I mean, seriously, how much sense does that make? Tons!! So let’s get to some of the silk pillowcase benefits.

5 Silk Pillowcase Benefits

While this list only contains 5 silk pillowcase benefits, I’m sure there are a ton more.

1 They keep you cool

At the top of the list of silk pillowcase benefits is they keep you cool at night. Hallelujah!

The silky soft material will definitely keep you cool while you’re sleeping, especially for those of you who still suffer hot flashes! Remember, silk is made from all-natural materials and is super breathable, meaning, you won’t feel sweaty or sticky while you’re sleeping on it!

And what woman doesn’t want a nice cool pillowcase to sleep on while she’s going through menopause and having crazy hot flashes?

2 Keeps allergies at bay

Because it’s naturally made, it’s hypoallergenic. Yay! Not only that, but it’s also dust mite resistant too. Double yay! It’s no secret dust mites are partially responsible for causing asthma and allergies. Goodbye, critters.

This is one of those silk pillowcase benefits that allergy sufferers will love!

3 Healthy and shiny hair

The silk pillowcase benefits never cease to amaze me. I mean, have you ever tried to sleep on one? You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! No split ends, no frizzies, no bed head, no medusa-looking creature first thing in the morning.

Girl. You can’t go wrong there! When I tell you your hair will be just as beautiful and amazing as it was the night before, I’m not even kidding!

4 Reduce wrinkles

We already talked about this earlier with the anti-aging silk pillowcase, but let’s touch upon it a wee bit more. You know when you’re washing and drying your face, you’re not supposed to tug and pull at your skin because that’s what causes wrinkles? Ya, well, that’s what your cotton pillowcase is doing to your face.

Choose silk over cotton and preserve your youthful-looking skin.

I think of all the silk pillowcase benefits, this is my favorite one!

5 They keep you warm too!

The silk fabric is a natural temperature regulator so if you’re hot it keeps you cool, if you’re cold it will keep you warm. What other material do you know that will do that too? FYI, satin pillowcases do this too!

So not only do they keep you cool, but they can keep you warm. These silk pillowcase benefits are pretty amazing, right?

Do silk pillowcases make you sleep better?

I’d say so! Just knowing you aren’t going to be freezing or sweating all over your pillow is enough to buy one!

Best Silk Pillowcases For Hair and Skin?

So now that we got all that juicy stuff out of the way, let’s go shopping!! If you have a bed and bath shop near you and it’s safe to go out in public and go shopping then by all means, GO!

Get in your car and go buy yourself a silk pillowcase.

Now for those of you (us) who will be shopping online, I did some research for you on Amazon (you’re welcome), read some reviews, checked out some prices of both silk pillowcases and satin pillowcases, watched some review videos, ordered my own pillowcase and found what I think are the best silk pillowcases for hair and skin.

Here’s the one I ordered (I’ll be heading to the US shortly for a mini trip and will bring it back with me-YAY!). Can you guess what colour I picked? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Click on the image to read more about it (and order!!)

Are you done guessing what colour I chose? Pink, of course! 🙂 Doesn’t that just look absolutely glorious, luscious, and luxurious?

This one has over 2000 ratings with 4.5 stars. Sold!

Here’s another one with great reviews and 4.5 stars rating. I like this one because it also has fun patterns to choose from! I def would have ordered Floral Pattern 2!

And here are a couple of satin ones that came in good prices with great ratings too! Under $10 for this one, you can’t go wrong! It also comes in a million colours and a few fun patterns.

And here’s another affordable satin pillowcase. This one is a pack of two (bonus!) for just a little over $5. Now that’s my kinda deal. But I bought the other one instead because I really want silk!

Now if you really want to splurge and treat yo’self right, here is a lavish set of silk sheets. Check out these babies *whistling*

Ooooph…did you see the price tag on those? I would have to be a gazillionaire to spend that kinda money on sheets. I’m such a cheap Italian! But in my defense, I prefer to spend my money on helping people and stray dogs here in the tiny town I live in Guatemala.

The Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase!

Now that you know some of the silk pillowcase benefits, you are fully armed with enough knowledge to buy some! Careful when you are on Amazon ordering these, though, because most don’t come in a set of two. You just get one pillowcase.

I hope this blog on the silk pillowcase benefits helped you to understand a little bit more about why they really are a better option to sleep on.

To me, the benefits of using a silk pillowcase were enough to make me buy some.

mad love

xo iva xo

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