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5 things to eat in the Netherlands

by Roberto
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Double-Dutch, Dutch Apple Pie, Going Dutch. The Dutch have invented some pretty awesome things, especially that last one. GIRL POWER!

One of my favorite things to do when visiting the Netherlands is EAT! I know, it’s not THAT different from when I visit other countries, but after living in the Netherlands for 6 months, then visiting numerous times after, I’m pretty sure I’m close to EXPERT LEVEL on the food. Here’s a round-up of the 5 best things to eat in the Netherlands!


Waffly-cookie-caramely-goodness. That’s the best way I can describe a stroopwafel. In all realness, they are two, thin waffle cookies with a thick, yummy caramel in the middle.

There are two ways I recommend eating a stroopwafel. The first is by placing it on a cup of hot coffee or tea. The middle gets all ooey-gooey and warm. SO GOOD! The second is getting a super fresh one at a real Dutch market! You can watch someone make them right before you’re eyes and get it warm, right off the griddle. Then, you can grab an extra bag to take home.


If you love sushi, you MIGHT love herring as well. Herring is the Dutch version of sushi. You can find it in restaurants served on top of bread, or served VERY fresh (gutted and de-boned right in front of you).

This is an example of the latter. We grabbed some herring at the local market on my trip to Delft and it still had the freakin’ tails on it! I felt a bit like a seal eating it like this, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t 100% enjoy it. But, its one of the most Dutch things I did that weekend, and it was worth the experience.


If you go out for a night on the town in the Netherlands, chances are, you will encounter bitterballen. They are traditionally served as a light snack along side a cold glass of beer.

Bitterballen are little savoury, deep fried balls of delicious-ness. They are usually made with beef, but can also be found with chicken or mushroom.

Friets (AKA Fries)

One of my FAVE things to eat when I visit the Netherlands are their fries! They are typically served in cute paper cones, with your choice of sauce toppings.

You’ve probably heard Europeans like to eat their fries with mayonaise, and the Dutch are no different. One of the most popular sauce combinations includes mayo, curry ketchup, and onions. But, my personal fave is the peanut satay sauce!

Eat fries with Peanut Sauce in the Netherlands


The Netherlands is one of the leading exporters of cheese in Europe, which isn’t that surprising given they have cheeses named after whole towns (like Gouda and Edam)! When visiting the Netherlands, visiting a traditional cheese markets is a must do. Different towns will host a market during different months and days of the year, so check timings before you go.

There are tons of cheese shops all over, so definitely stop into one and get a few samples. I highly recommend trying the truffle cheese!

Eat Cheese in the Netherlands

Hope you found this useful in planning your trip to the Netherlands! For all you foodies out there, also check out my food guide to Budapest!!

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