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50 Things Women Love About Being 50

by Roberto
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I realized that women 50 and over kinda have a new lease on life and view things so differently. You could say we matured a bit. This is just a fun article on 50 things women love about being 50 and over.

I hope you like it. Please share in the comments down below if I missed something!

I remember when I became a 50 year old woman I thought my life was over. Haha! Nothing could be further from the truth.

This year I’ll be a 60 year old lady and typing that out seriously still freaks me out. How did I get here? Where did 60 years of my life? Oooph!!!

How did being 50 years old or being 60 years old change you? Did you see things differently too? Join the conversation and share your thoughts!

Without further ado …

50 things women love about being 50 (and even 60)

1 We seriously don’t give a crap about basically anything anymore.

2 We wear what we want and we don’t care if you like it or not (see #1) You might like the following article about what to wear over 50

3 Young men are attracted to us-super flattering by the way.

4 We’ve retired or close to retiring-buh bye to 9–5 and that bee-otch in office #4

5 Our kids are grown and gone-love you see you bye!

6 Many of us have cute grandbabies to spoil rotten then return to their parents

7 Happily divorced

8 Newly single and loving it

9 No makeup -we’re beautiful on the inside and don’t need all that crap on our face anymore

10 We have boundaries now and know how to say NO and mean it

11 Every day is Saturday

12 We can stay in our jammies all day if we want

13 We can run around the house naked every day if we want

14 We know how to use a bullet

15 We don’t settle for crappy wine or men anymore

16 Road trips don’t have to be planned-just get in the car and go!

17 We don’t have to ‘save up’ for a new cell phone

18 Hello senior discounts in some stores-heck ya

19 Pensions

20 Going out for meals alone whenever the heck we feel like it

21 Meeting friends for fun whenever wherever

22 Saying yes because and want to, not because we have to

23 Getting rid of ‘stuff’ we hoarded all our lives – hello minimalism

24 Booking a flight and going on holidays whenever we feel like it

25 We don’t stress over little things anymore

26 We love who we are, exactly the way we are

27 We don’t need to impress anyone anymore

28 We aren’t people pleasers anymore

29 We’re not doormats anymore

30 We’re no one’s ‘slave’ anymore

31 We can go to school and learn because we want to, not because we have to

32 We can tell more people to ‘eff off’ and mean it

33 We can eat breakfast for dinner or just have a bag of chips and pop!

34 We can volunteer as much as we want

35 We can do more things that bring us joy

36 We don’t need anyone’s approval or permission to do things

37 We’re wiser

38 We’re still young and have lots of life left in us to do more fun things, alone if we want to

39 Our friends totally get us, love us and appreciate us

40 We can get away with a lot of silly things because we’re ‘older’ — “oh officer no I didn’t see that sign!”

41 We flick fear and push the limits knowing that there’s always gonna be a safety net

42 We embrace change and love a challenge and adventure

43 We have a poop ton of freedom

44 We play by our own rules now

45 We’re picky about men because we can be (see #15)

46 We aren’t afraid of being vulnerable or transparent

47 No periods (halle-friggin’-lujah)

48 No more responsibilities — hehe

49 We don’t have to compete with other women — we lift each other up now

50 We are drama free, gossip free, judgement free — just free, really

Ok this list may apply to all

I get that some of these things women love could possibly apply to women of all ages but…well, this is my list. See #1 again if you have to 😂

I may have missed some things and some things may not apply to you. What did I miss on this list? Drop it down below!

mad love

xo iva xo

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