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7 Intriguing Reasons Why Younger Men Like Older Women

by Roberto
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Have you ever seen an older man with a younger woman and wondered what the heck she’s doing with him? Or vice versa. An older woman with a younger man? “Why,” we ask ourselves. What’s the attraction? What does he/she have that we don’t have?

While this isn’t a very common sighting in North America, in just about every part of Central/South America and Asia, it’s quite normal to see a young woman with a much older gentleman or a younger man with an older woman. But why? What draws these young people to an older person to have a relationship with?

I talked to a couple of younger men to answer these questions and a few more, like the million-dollar question: Why do younger men like older women? The following are their truthful answers.

1 Experience


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Older women have lots of experience, period. We’ve clearly had a lifetime to practice. And don’t kid yourself. These young men are watching the same adult shows everyone else does, but you can be sure the women their age aren’t.

So what does that mean?

It means the younger women certainly won’t be performing any miraculous ‘deeds’ that men are fantasizing about, while chances are, we older women will. They want to have great oral pleasure. They want to have steamy hot seductive sex. But mostly, they want a woman who knows what the heck she’s doing.

2 Teacher Teacher!

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Young men love to learn. All kinds of things. But most importantly, they like to learn new things in the bedroom, and who better to teach them than an older woman?  I know sounds a little creepy but hear me out. If you have the patience to teach someone how to perform bedroom deeds, don’t pass up a hot young guy.

Think about this for one minute. He needs to learn, and you get to show him exactly how to do it. Win-win in my books!

3 Drama-Free Relationship

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Guys get tired of all the drama and headaches, not to mention the bull***t that follows some girls around like a lost puppy. And don’t even try to defend the female tribe here. We can be drama queens. Period. You can’t deny it.

So one of the reasons why younger men like older women is because of this. They just don’t want chaos and drama. Can you blame them? Some younger men are actually quite mature for their ages and don’t have the patience or desire to put up with some of the crap women their age dish out.

4 Party like a rockstar

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According to most younger men, they prefer to go out and party with an older woman as opposed to a woman their age for the simple fact that older women are way more fun, can party harder, and not end up passed out and/or puking our guts out in a parking lot or a public restroom.

We know how to party. And that’s straight from the horse’s mouth!

5 Mother Figure

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Yes, sorry, this is creepy af. But it’s the truth. Many young men have not had that nurturing mother/son love bond. And they want it.

These young guys crave that love and connection, and they will seek it out in older women with the added bonus that they get to ‘play’ with them. Ok, ok, I know, creepy.

6 Financial Security

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So, yes. Money does play a huge role in this and is fairly important. More so with younger women dating older men, but it still happens the other way around. Younger women do it for financial security and some younger men do as well but the bottom line is, they’re basically showing off ‘their trophy’.

But we can turn the tables around, though, many women are showing off their hot young stud because, well, he’s kind of a trophy too.

7 No Pressure

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We don’t put any pressure on them for commitment, babies, marriage, getting a job, or anything like that. We’re too old to give a crap about stuff like that. We’re just happy to have some hot young guy to hang with who keeps us young!

They don’t have to worry about us nagging (unless he’s always leaving his dirty socks or underwear on the floor) or anything like that. We are carefree and stress-free, and that’s perfect for them.

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