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A Practical Guide to Creating A Vision Board

by Roberto
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Do you want to create your dream life? Are you ready to accomplish your goals? Well, you can make it happen by creating a vision board!

Do you remember the first time you created a vision board?

The very first time I made a vision board, I remember cutting out pictures and words from magazines and simply gluing it to a poster board in hopes that of all my dreams would come true.

I had no idea what I was doing, and now I know that is not how a vision board works.

So, what exactly is a vision board and how do you make one that will work for you?


A vision board is a visual representation of your goals, dreams, or even your ideal life. It is used as a tool to guide, inspire, and motivate you in the process of attaining your goals.

Most often, vision boards are created for the New Year. This is the most popular time to create a vision board as it symbolizes a fresh start. So, people use this as a time to get clear about specific goals to achieve in their future.

While the New Year is the most popular time to create a vision board, it is not the only time you can create one. 

Create a vision board anytime you like.


Absolutely. Vision boards do work. But it only works if you do. You can’t just create a pretty poster board to put on display and then forget why you created it in the first place.

You need to have an actionable plan to reach every goal or aspiration on your vision board.



To create your vision board, you’ll need a few supplies:

  • A poster board – you can purchase one from anywhere, but I like the really big foldable boards so that I can organize it and add more stuff
  • Magazines – you want to get a variety of magazines so that you have a lot of different images to choose from. You can get free magazines from your local coffee shop, library, or even the doctor’s office
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue – use stick glue. It’s less messy and easier to use.


  • A box of markers
  • Construction paper – you can glue your images and words on the construction paper to create borders before gluing it to your vision board
  • Glitter
  • Stickers


This is the most important part of creating your vision board. Take some time to sit down and think about your future. What are your goals and aspirations? What do you want your life to look like? How do you want to feel?

Now let’s take it a step further and come up with an actionable plan to achieve these goals.

Having an actionable plan is the most powerful step in creating your vision board. If you’ve made several vision boards that have not come to fruition, it’s likely that you didn’t have an actionable plan.

So in this step, grab a sheet of notebook paper and fold it hot dog style. Open it back up, and on the left is where you will write out your goals. And on the right is where you will write out the actual steps you need to take to achieve the goals.

You do not need to include this on your vision board unless you want to. The purpose of this activity is to make your mind aware of the steps you need to take in order for your vision board to come true.


It’s time to put your board together. With your goals, dreams, and aspirations in mind, look through your magazines to find images and words that align directly with your goals.

Don’t limit this to just materialistic things Be sure to include words that represent how you want to feel. Choose powerful affirmations and quotes that motivate and encourage you.

When you come across an image or word that aligns with you, set it aside (don’t glue just yet).

Now look at your board and think about how you want it organized? Do you want to break it out into sections? Maybe one section for personal goals and another for professional goals? Or maybe you don’t want sections at all.

Do you want one side to just be images and the other side to just be words?

Once you figure it out, it’s time to glue your items to the board.  Leave a little space between your images/words just in case you want to add some writing.

And get as creative as you like. Use markers, stickers, or even glitter. Make it you!


Place your vision board in a space where you will see it every day. Try placing it in your bedroom or on a mirror that you look in frequently.

Take a picture of it and save it as the screensaver on your phone.

Spend time with your vision board. Meditate with it. Believe in yourself. Know that you can achieve everything on your vision board. Imagine your dreams and goals becoming reality.

Constantly seeing your vision board is a reminder to yourself that you need to put it consistent hard work for change to happen.


How do you feel about vision boards? Do you make one to bring in the New Year? Have you made one to get to where you currently are in your life?

I’d love to know! Leave me a comment and let’s chat!

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