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Best Restaurants in Dublin, Ireland (according to a local)

by Roberto
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In the aftermath of the 2009 economy crash, Dublin has turned into a bit of a foodie heaven. After living in Dublin for the last five years, and becoming a self-identified food connoisseur, I’ve eaten at some of the BEST (and worst) of the Dublin restaurants.

If you are visiting Dublin, Ireland for a few days (or even just one night), here are my top picks for restaurants which are all places and where I even take my own visitors!


THIS. PLACE. IS. AWESOME.  I might be a bit biased because it is in my Dublin neighborhood and I’ve been going since they opened, but they have definitely built up a following and have won multiple awards.

Urbanity is my favorite for weekend brunch, but they also serve breakfast every day and dinner Wednesday through Saturday.  

Not looking to eat? They actually roast their own coffee beans right in shop! So you can even just pop in for a coffee with some friends, a laptop, or a book!

PRICE: $-$$

LOCATION: The Glass House |11 Coke Lane |Smithfield | Dublin 7 (Its in the perfect spot if you are going to be heading to the Jameson Distillery!)


Hang Dai

This place is by far one of the most unique Dublin eateries available today. Built to look like its inside of a Chinese subway, this place serves up some of the tastiest and flavorful twists on Chinese food faves!

Not only is their food amazeballs, but once dinner is over, the place turns into a music venue! You can tell they are serious about their music by the sound system specs they have posted on their website! They have a complete listing of their DJs for the month and also describe their “custom HipHop jaxx system with a 400w Custom Turbosound speaker in each cubicle” of the bathroom! WHAT!?!?

Do make sure you secure a reservation though, this place fills up even on weeknights!

PRICE: $$ – $$$

LOCATION: 20 Lower Camden Street | Dublin 2


The Port House

Dublin has sooo many tapas restaurants, and I’m a HUGE fan of snacks and wine, so it’s no surprise that a few great tapas places landed on this list.

The Port House is a small chain of restaurants that continues to add new locations because of their popularity. They are now up to 4 locations around the Dublin area (and even one in London), but don’t be fooled, it can still be difficult to just walk in!

Their location (The Port House Pinxto) in Temple Bar is definitely my favorite and the one I tend to return to the most, but they are all great!

If you can get a seat, HIGHLY recommend their pan fried shrimp with garlic and chili or their croquetas!


LOCATION: 4 Tapas bars located in Dublin (South William St, Temple Bar, Camden St, Dundrum)


Bubble Waffle Factory

These little waffles have “bubbled” up in all sorts of major cities, and Dublin is no different.  The best place to get a bubble waffle in Dublin is definitely at the Bubble Waffle Factory, and it’s my personal favorite dessert in the city!

They originally started as a pop up in the Eatyard, but were so popular, they decided to settle down in Temple Bar.   They’ll make your waffle to order, complete with your ice cream and topping choices!

Make sure you visit with some room in your stomach, because they are huge!  Or just have it for dinner… you’re an adult, your mom won’t know you had ice cream for dinner!


LOCATION: 2 Merchant’s Arch | Temple Bar |Dublin 2


Bunsen Burgers

Bunsen Burger. A crowd favorite.

When I got to Ireland, I really struggled with finding a good burger! Ireland is known for it’s beef, but for some reason, NO ONE would let me order my burger less than well done…. I even had one waiter tell me that he could, but he didn’t want to get arrested…. seriously?

I was soooooo happy when I stumbled into a Bunsen! Their menu is super simple (like so simple it like 6 things on a business card) AND you can order your patty cooked how YOU want it!

Bunsen has gotten so popular, they’ve expanded to Cork, Belfast, and even Barcelona! AND they were recently ranked in Big Seven Travel’s the top burgers in Europe.


LOCATION: Multiple in Dublin | Belfast | Cork | Barcelona



As an American transplant in Ireland, one thing I miss most is my Mexican food and one of my GO-TOs for quick mexican food in the states is (DUH) Chipotle.

The burrito bar trend has also made it’s way to Ireland, but many of them are IMPOSTORS! The only quick burrito bar in Ireland worth your time is Boojum. So if you are looking for something quick (and comforting) while away from home, Boojum is your place! Their burrito bowls are the most popular and can get you two meals if you are on a budget.


LOCATION: So many! With 9 locations in Dublin alone, you’ll easily find one.


The Market Bar

Another crowd favorite among Dubliners (and the second tapas bar to make the list) is The Market Bar. Located in an industrial brick building, this place is ALWAYS buzzing! The atmosphere, the drinks, the food… nothing to complain about.

The food is delicious and is great for groups, even though its a tapas bar. In some of their most popular dishes, they make large portions which are exactly what they say… LARGE! They have a full bar, and even have a hidden whiskey bar upstairs for those of you into that sort of thing.

It’s in a super central location with LOADS of bars nearby for the choosing afterwards.


LOCATION: 14A Fade Street | Dublin 2



If you are looking for a special occasion/high end seafood restaurant, look no further. Awarded the title of “Best Seafood Restaurant in Europe 2019″… I’ll just stop there.

PRICE: $$$

LOCATION: 18-19 South William St | Dublin 2


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