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Foodie Friday: Bubble Waffle Factory

by Roberto
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These little waffles have “bubbled” up in all sorts of major cities, and Dublin is no different.  The best place to get a bubble waffle in Dublin is definitely at the Bubble Waffle Factory.

They originally started as a pop up in the Eatyard, but were so popular, they decided to settle down in Temple Bar.   They’ll make your waffle to order, complete with your ice cream and topping choices!

Make sure you visit with some room in your stomach, because they are huge!  Or just have it for dinner… you’re an adult, your mom won’t know you had ice cream for dinner!


It’s a small shop down an alley in Temple Bar.

2 Merchant’s Arch. Temple Bar., Dublin, Ireland


These waffles are SO big! You will definitely get full quickly. The Bubble Waffle Factory has a menu of about 9 different topping combinations which are FIRE! But, you can also pick and choose your own. On all options, you can get your ice cream flavor of choice. Just thinking about these is making me think about going to the gym…. or going to get a bubble waffle.


All of the waffle/topping combinations are only 6-7 euro! That’s cheaper than a coffee and a muffin at a coffee shop.


The Bubble Waffle Factory is a very small store. I’d recommend going with 1-2 other people if you plan to sit in. But a better option is taking ALL your friends, then taking your bubble waffle on the go and stroll through the temple bar, listening to all the live music blaring out of the bars!

If you want to check out another place in Dublin with some great desserts, head over to Cafe Bombo!

The Bubble Waffle Factory dessert in Dublin Ireland

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