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Foodie Friday: Pang

by Roberto
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Growing up in California, I had access to all sorts of food from all sorts of different countries! One of my favorite summer time snacks are Vietnamese summer rolls. They are fresh and healthy, and the perfect meal on a hot summer day!

Moving to Ireland, I was finding it really hard to get these. I went to so many Vietnamese restaurants and scoured every single Vietnamese take out menu, but couldn’t find them anywhere.

So, I obviously was SUPER stoked when I found out about PANG. Pang is a small take away restaurant with a few stools inside. They specialize in what they call modern Vietnamese are a great option for a healthier meal.


The menu at Pang is pretty simple. They specialize in rice paper rolls (summer rolls), Pho, and BÁNH MÌ (Vietnamese sandwiches).

My personal favorite are the tofu summer rolls! Give them a try, even if you aren’t vegan!


Pang is located just off Camden Street on Kevin Street Lower, in the Dublin City Center.

Unit 2, 6-11 College Court,
Kevin Street Lower,
Dublin 8


Everything on the menu at Pang is under 10 euro. The summer rolls are 4 euro, but if you are going for these, I’d recommend grabbing two types!


In the Pang shop itself, there are only a few stools, so I’d only go with 1-3 people max if you plan to eat in. If you go on your own, find a stool in the window! Its prime people watching real estate!

Pang also does catering for offices or large groups, which is great if you already have your own location and want something a bit different and on the healthier side for your next event!

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