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What is the Final Stage of Midlife Crisis-How to Know it’s Over

by Roberto
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Having a midlife crisis is so frustrating and soul sucking. When does it end? How will I make it through this? How long does a midlife crisis last? We ask ourselves these and many more questions. After reading today’s blog you will know what is the final stage of midlife crisis and recognize if you are there or not.

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How long does a midlife crisis last?

I wish there was a clear cut and dry answer for this question but honestly, there just isn’t. A midlife crisis affects everyone in different ways and hits you at different times. Some women claim to be having a midlife crisis at 35 where others, like myself, don’t get hit with it until mid 50’s.

So how long it lasts really depends on when yours actually started. Not only that, it also depends on the actions you’ve taken along the way to deal with it.

At almost 60, I’d like to think I’m near the end of my midlife crisis. I’ve started to not really gaf about a lot of things and I feel I’m really mellowing out a lot and truly enjoy each day and every minute of life.

I’ll admit, I’ve had a midlife crisis mental breakdown once or twice. You could say I acted and sounded a lot like a Karen. It was pathetic. I was pathetic. This gave me hope though.

Hope that maybe this was one of the signs of midlife crisis ending. Like just maybe I’m going out with a bang, you know.

So to answer the million dollar question “how long does a midlife crisis last?” I’m gonna take a stab at this and say anywhere from 5-15 years, maybe longer.

According to this great article from healthline.com

There’s no set timeline for a supposed “midlife crisis.”

People work through difficult and unpleasant emotions in different ways, and this process doesn’t always happen smoothly.

If you find it relatively easy to come to terms with aging and related existential concerns, you might resolve these feelings within a few weeks or months.

On the other hand, if you continue to face new stressors that heap more complications on top of the distress you’re already experiencing, the crisis period could last for several months, or even years.


That will also help answer the question, when does midlife crisis end? I think it’s all about how we handle all the different issues and situations that midlife throws at us. You can drag them on and be devastated about them and live in misery or you can just handle them with grace, and move on.

How to deal with a midlife crisis?

Everything is changing. Our bodies, our energy level, our thoughts and emotional/mental behaviour. You name it, it’s going through some weird change as you read this.

It’s frustrating, scary, confusing and lonely.

For me, finding a friend to talk to helped an awful lot. Like another female friend who is possibly going through the same thing. This was priceless for me.

Another thing I did that helped a lot, two things actually. I journaled a lot and I meditated a lot. Like every day sometimes twice a day kind of a lot. Doing these things was also very monumental in helping me get through some really hard times.

I think the most important thing to remember is that you are changing, a lot. If you don’t understand it, you can’t expect anyone else to. Try to remain calm and disconnected from the feelings of anger and frustration. Don’t give in to them too quickly.

If you relax and breathe, they will go away. I promise.

What to do during a midlife crisis

I think embracing new ideas, thoughts, activities etc is key here. We aren’t the same person as before and when we come out of our midlife crisis we will be different again.

Go and do things. Say yes to more invitations. Go to new places. Listen to your heart and gut intuition and do things that bring you joy.

You’re growing, learning and evolving right now. Go with it. Flow with it. Don’t suppress or deny it. You will only be sadder and more frustrated if you do. If your heart is telling you to book a one way trip to Bali then do it!

You have to honour yourself and all the crazy emotions you may be experiencing now. Be gentle with yourself. Now’s the time to dig deep and find out who you really are and what you really want to do with the rest of your life!

Signs of a midlife crisis is coming to an end

Let me share some signs of a midlife crisis ending and then you can determine if you are at the final stage of midlife crisis or you still have a long way to go.

5 Signs your midlife crisis ending is near

1 Panic and anxiety attacks are less frequent

2 You feel more comfortable with yourself again

3 You feel less stressed about things and have more of a carefree attitude

4 You accept where you are in life and embrace aging

5 You’re less sad and start finding more joy in life again

Do you recognize any of those signs? I’m starting to see more and more of them lately. Thank God!! so while these are the signs of midlife crisis is coming to an end, what’s the final stage of midlife crisis?

The final stage of midlife crisis

So what is the final stage of midlife crisis? Let me explain this as best I can and hope you get it and understand.

The final stage of midlife crisis, to me anyway, is when you realize you are no longer sad, frustrated, full of anxiety, depressed, etc.

There is a certain level of calm and inner peace about you. That’s when you know, you are at the final stage of midlife crisis and you are moving on..and glowing!

Are you in the final stage of midlife crisis?

Are you there? Did you finally get to that spot in life? Drop down in the comments below and share your thoughts, experience and feelings.

I feel I am nearing the end of my midlife crisis and not sure how much longer I have to go but I am very gentle and loving to myself so this helps me tremendously. I hope you are being gentle with yourself too!

ox iva xo

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